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Name Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
1953 Great Britain Coronation Crown $24.00 Uncirculated

1954 Royal Visit Florin $19.00 Near Uncirculated Condition

1963 Florin nice uncirculated $39.00 Final year of Issue, Choice Uncirculated

1964 Penny Choice Uncirculated $15.00 Small spot on obverse, see photo.

1964 Penny Uncirculated $9.00 Uncirculated condition.

1966 Round 50 Cent Coin $10.00 Weighing 13.28 grams with 0.3416oz of silver (80% silver content), the round Australian 50 cents was introduced at the changeover to decimal currency in Australia in 1966.

1968 Ireland Penny $10.00 Ireland 1968 penny, choice uncirculated.

2013 $2 Scarce Purple Coronation Coin $22.00 Near uncirculated.

2014 $2 Green Remembrance Coin $9.00 Extra fine condition.

2015 ANZAC $2 Coin Uncirculated $12.00 This coin was released as part of the Royal Australian Mint’s Official Anzac Centenary Coin Program, where a collection of commemorative coins capture the history, service and sacrifice of Australians at war.

Australian 1850's Penny Token $35.00 Iredale and Co. Ironmongers Sydney, near fine condition.

Complete Set 2001 Federation/State 20c & 50c 19 Coin Collection $89.00 A complete set of 2001 Federation/State 20 cent and 50 cent coins, 19 coin collection. Condition varies from very fine to extra fine.

Genuine Bronze Roman Coin c200 A.D $19.00 Fine condition, similar in size to Australian 5 cent coin.

Genuine Roman Bronze c200 AD $15.00 Fine condition. You will receive coin pictured. Size: bit smaller than Australian 10 cent coin.

Genuine Roman Bronze Coin c200 AD $15.00 Fine condition. You will receive coin pictured. Size: bit smaller than Australian 10 cent coin.

Parthia C.150 A.D Bronze AE Drachm $29.00 Genuine Parthian Kingdom c.150 A.D. Bronze AE Drachm Coin

Scarce 1963 Proof Set (Melbourne) 4 Coin Set $495.00 Scarce 1963 Australian proof set. A set of four silver Melbourne Mint proof coins; florin, shilling, sixpence and threepence. 1963 was the last year that Melbourne produced proof sets.

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Results 26 - 42 of 42

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